Modern Baby book by Our Story Paper Co

The perfect baby keepsake for a modern Parent.

Every parent has so many precious moments with their child. While technology is the way of the future, it is not always forever. We've all had crashing hard drives and batteries die. Even the e-book is only as good as the energy in it's respective device. You can't share it, and it is only good for one person. True paper and books are shareable and last a lifetime. Our Modern Baby Book is what you have been waiting for. Why bother with a big hot mess of a book out on the market place right now, when you can neatly tuck this one into your diaper bag or purse, between downward dogs or picking up formulas.

It is completely personalizable. Just like snowflakes, no two babies are the same. This book caters to your every need, with photo-inserts between giggles and burps, and lined notepaper in colourful shades for those first few steps and words. Our Modern Baby Book is designed with the simple philosophy not to overcrowd but to compliment and let you shine through. This is after all, your journey with your little one.