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About Us

Our Journey.

Back in 2012, I was a fresh new college grad with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I was lucky enough to land a pretty sweet entry-level gig as a Project Manager for an international interior firm. I loved what I did but something was missing. I missed the days I would spend hours in the art studio developing prints. I've always loved physical artifacts. I always loved looking at old photographs and asking my parents to tell me the story behind each, to relive those moments, to look back at moments that I didn't remember as a baby. Each piece of photograph represented a fleeting moment of time, they were physical manifestation of experiences - of life. However, they are quickly disappearing. The photos that capture these moments, now exists in a folder on a laptop or cellphone, seldomly looked at. I didn't want to lose them. I wanted to create something that can help preserve those moments for people. I wanted to create something that can bring joy for people. Our Story Paper Co. was created to honour your story. Through our products, we hope to make permanence of what matters most to you. 

Materials Matter.  

From recycled fibres in our keepsake albums, to the vegetable ink that we choose to print with, we've paid attention to each micro-decision we make - for we know they add up. Each product we make is carefully handcrafted in our studio. 


Modern Baby Book.

Your baby is wonderful, captivating, delightful and special. Our Modern Baby Book is the perfect way to document all your precious memories with your sweet baby. Our books cater to your every need, with photo-inserts between giggles and burps, and insightful prompts in colourful shades for those first few steps and words. Keep your most treasured memories safe with our handmade books, complete with stylish and charming graphics. Custom designed in a 3 ring binder format, so pages can be easily added or removed to document your unique journey. They are also available in a variety of gorgeous shades and covers, there is a baby book style for every taste!